About Us

Alice Springs is the centre of Australia – in the middle of a vast dry and dusty land.  Just as the spring from which the town gets its name was a source of life for the dwellers in this region so we pray the new Alice Springs Presbyterian Church will be a source of “living water”  to all those who live and work in this area.

The Alice Springs Presbyterian Church comes under the umbrella of the Presbyterian Inland Mission (PIM). The PIM, with the God-given vision to establish the first Presbyterian Church in Alice Springs, set about this task to commemorate at its centenary the work of John Flynn in central Australia.   Keith and Jenny Bell were appointed to go and start building this congregation and commenced in Alice Springs in May 2013. 

Keith describes the opportunity of establishing this congregation as “a momentous privilege; an awesome responsibility; and a fantastic challenge”. 

The PIM have leased the Australian Indigenous Ministries building at 20 Parke Crescent, The Gap and services are conducted weekly on Sunday at 10am.




10am each Sunday. 


all are welcome  


Please join us for a “cuppa” after the service.



 Bible Studies  -  Wednesday 7.30pm at the church.