How can you support

This fledgling congregation and the Presbyterian Inland Mission (PIM) are calling for people to help and support this new and exciting work in a variety of ways.

Pray-ers are needed.  This new congregation is part of the Church our Lord is building.  Please commit yourself to pray for this work, for stamina for the newly appointed workers, for boldness and gentleness in the proclamation of the gospel.  

Givers are needed.  The PIM has funds to commence this work but not enough to keep the work going until it is self-reliant.  Perhaps you are in a position, after you have made your regular tithes and offerings, to contribute to this new work in Alice Springs. 

Workers in the congregation are needed.  Do you fall into one of these categories of people:

·         empty nesters,

·         retired,

·         grey nomad,

·           recently graduated,

·           in need of a challenge,

·           parents with young children

·           considering what to do with your long service  



If any of these describes you, would you be willing to:

     ·         come to Alice Springs for a short term               

               assignment, or

     ·        seek employment in Alice Springs and make a  

  longer term commitment to establish the Alice  

  Springs Presbyterian Church

 John Flynn 21st century Bush Brigade

John Flynn challenged the church in the early 20th century to support the work of spreading a mantle of safety over inland Australia and created a group of supporters called “The Bush Brigade”.  This band of 5,000 supporters pledged to each give one pound (the equivalent of a week’s average wages) per year.  Flynn’s work is commemorated on every $20 note.  A new church development is starting in Alice Springs and needs your support. 

Are you willing to accept the challenge and be part of the new bush brigade by pledging to give a $20 note every month?

If you accept the challenge

Please complete this financial pledge to the PIM – Alice Springs Presbyterian Church. 

Either Credit Card Deduction

I authorise the PIM to deduct the amount of $20.00 from my credit card each month.

VISA/Mastercard no.: _____________________

Expires: ______________________________ 

Name on card: __________________________



Or Electronic Funds Transfer 

Bank: Westpac   BSB:  033397  Account: 213311

Tag: Alice Springs Presbyterian Church

Return this form to: Presbyterian Inland Mission  - Alice Springs Account, PO Box 4014, Croydon Hills, Vic - 3136.

For more information contact: Keith and Jenny Bell.

Tel:  03 9408 9956 Mobile: 0438 719 956

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